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NAIADS Series- Brushless electric trolling motor, Hand Control
The NAIADS electric motor adopts a unique brushless technology, which distinguishes NAIADS from the competition.
For many electric motors the rotation of the motor is generated by a sliding carbon brush, which gets worn out easily, 
consumes power and results in excess heat. For the Navigator brushless electric motor, it is generated by electronic circuits, which are more reliable and stable. Compared with alternative electric motors, the advantages of the Navigator brushless motor are:
  • Efficiency values are significantly higher to 50%
  • Much higher torque values at lower battery currents
  • 5 times longer service lives and no maintenance requirement
  • Quieter power, cooler operation and less battery consumption 
Features and Benefits
This motor can do anything that a 3HP-9HP petrol outboard can, plus it is environmentally friendlier, quieter, lighter and more convenient:
  • Significantly higher efficiency values: 30%-60% more range or power from limited battery capacity than conventional electric motors
  • 5 times longer service lives than convenitonal electric motors and no maintenance requirement.
  • Infinite variable speed and linear speedup to 5 miles-8 miles per hour
  • Features stainless steel shaft, fasteners and aluminum mount for ultimate durability and performance