Sunlight shines on the River Thames – an excellent book by one of our own members.

Imagine a voyage along England’s best-loved river, the Thames -but on SUNLIGHT,not diesel or petrol. No noise, no nasty emissions! This was the author’s dream, and he turned it into reality by designing and building a 22ft catamaran powered by four solar panels.

Paul and his wife Rike launched “SOLAR FLAIR” near the source of the Thames in Gloucestershire, and cruised 124 miles to London on SUNLIGHT. They were the first to do it. Certain friends had pronounced it unlikely, or even impossible.

This is a picture book as much as a story, with 80 pages in full colour, including 108 photographs – a light read about a joyful experience. Paul hopes it will give you pleasure and interest, especially if you are keen on boats, cruises, solar power, DIY, the Thames and other rivers, modest adventures and, of course, SUNLIGHT.

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